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Contract Filling
Feasibility to produce pharmaceutics and cosmetics on behalf of our customers. Using 10 contemporary production lines, we can produce cosmetics in form Of aerosol, liquid, gel, cream, paste and emulsion. Furthermore, alternatives of packaging are exposed in our company’s showroom and are at our customers’ disposal after request. Our customers’ formulation can be changed by R&D department when it is necessary because of changes in the legislation in force.

Private Label Production
Creating a wide range of cosmetics and body care products our company offers ready product solutions which can be in production by using the private label of our customers. The continuous growing product range which can bring a private label includes-
1. Skin care products
2. Hair care products
3. Body care products
There is a possible change in the formulation of these products in order to satisfy completely our customers’ needs and of course to follow the legislation in force.

Product Development
Our company with its specialized personnel and the department of R&D promote the development of new enhanced products compatible with our customers’ requests. We provide:
1. Research of the marketplace by focusing on our products.
2. Formulation according to our customers’ needs.
3. Selection of packaging materials from the showroom of our company by giving the best solution of packaging.
4. Designing of labels by our creative team.
5. Support in the field of marketing by recommending advertising prospects and by providing also the equivalent material.
6. We strongly believe that by this proposal of developing new products, best quality and a leading position in the market- place can be guaranteed.