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Aerosol Product Lines
Using 4 fully automated aerosol production lines, the daily capacity is over 90.000 cans. Having as priority the safety and high quality production, we do make all the safety and quality controls according to FEA international standards. The capacity of aerosol production includes: 1. standard aerosol cans in all dimensions. 2. mini aerosol with small dimensions for pharmaceutical or other use. 3. bag on valve aerosols, by using technology BOV. The fact that the product in the bag does not come in contact with air, prolongs the lifespan of the current aerosol.

Liquid Product Lines
Two fully automated production lines for liquid forms like lotions, perfumes and serums (daily capacity over 50.000 pcs)

Cream Product Lines
One production line for cream form cosmetics (daily capacity over 25.000 pcs).

Alcohol Product Lines
Production of gel and other cosmetics with great comprehensiveness in alcohol, is well secured and special ventilated according to the international standards (daily capacity over 25.000 pcs).

Biocides Product Lines
Prime Solutions S.A continuously strives for excellence and further development. Based on these objectives, our company has been granted a special permission by the Ministry of Rural Development and Food to produce various biocides for human and environmental use. The products that are produced for the human protection are in the form of cremes and lotions, while for the environmental safeguard are in the form of sprays.