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Production Area
In order to gain a respective place in the international market place we constructed a production plant according to the international standards of Pharmaceutical Industry. Class C standards which our production line follows (highly sterile environment in all the places of production and admixture of products, fully controlled clean rooms with special ventilation and permission for entrance granted only to specialized personnel) give us the option to produce not only high quality pharmaceutics but also preservative free cosmetics. Furthermore, the aerosol production takes place in special gas rooms, outside the plant, by following the international standards of FEA and ensuring the safe and smooth operation of the factory.

Our Lab
Prime Solutions S.A has every reason to be proud of its conquests that come as a natural derivative of its own well organized R&D laboratory. Our laboratory has fully equipped facilities and its personnel is highly specialized. R&D department is capable of transforming a notion into a well- designed end product. The main objective of the R&D scientists is to design and produce avant-garde innovations bringing important breakthroughs to the International markets facilitating customers’ everyday life. Following as an uncompromising framework of operation the “Green Philosophy” for Environment Safety, R&D succeeds in developing uniquely innovative solutions of enhanced value. It operates in accordance to the International laws, so that the impact to the environment to be minimized concerning its manufacturing practices. Finally, R&D is flexible to design and produce any product according to what a customer has visualized.