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Mission and Values
Prime Solutions is a contemporary industry specialized in producing pharmaceutics and cosmetics. Our main priority is the satisfaction of our customers’ needs by a high quality production, which give us a leading position in the marketplace. By having a well-equipped installation of machinery according to the international standards of safety and hygiene, we are capable of producing high quality products. Accepting the continuous challenge for improvement and innovation, we have a well specialized scientific personnel that takes part in the development of new technologies. Our success can be guaranteed by the reliability and flexibility which characterize us.

Prime Solutions S.A primary aim is to offer to current and prospective customers products and services of the highest quality standards, as these are determined by the local and international regulation. Prime Solutions S.A aspires to optimization and efficiency and thus it applies contemporary management quality systems so that quality excellence is achieved. Our company succeeded in being the leading company to its sector by being committed to the GMP guidelines and by keeping its promises to its customers for high quality products and services and continuous improvement and development. Being highly responsible for continuous monitoring the international legislation for quality standards, Prime Solutions S.A is certified by ISO 22716:2007 for Good Manufacturing Practices by the Austrian TÜV Institution concerning the scopes of manufacturing, packaging and storing of cosmetic products and by ISO 9001:2008 for the quality management systems applied. Quality and customer satisfaction constitute the cornerstones that our company abides by.

Setting high targets and being in a continuous effort for development, our company has a contemporary and fully equipped R&D department. The scientific personnel and our collaboration with universities and research centers promotes our continuous develop- ment and progress in the level of formulation and the use of new materials and technolo- gies. Creation of new products and development of existing formulas give us a competi- tive place in the global marketplace.

Quality Control
Having as priority the consistent quality, our company has created and equipped a contemporary chemical laboratory which implements all the quality controls. Meeting the highest international standards we check and control the delivery of feedstock and all the production phases until the final product. The use of the most contemporary control equipment in combination with the support provided by our specialized scientific personnel guarantee the quality of products and services.